About Me!
Hi all and welcome! I am a little complicated and I'll try to explain. I am all "male", never had any surgery and I am proud of that. I am a guy most of the time and "Cari" when I have the need to be a woman. As Cari I love to dress seductively and be as feminine and as pretty as I can be. My body is my "treasure". I take great care of myself and do everything from rollerblading to dieting to look the way I do. I shave my body fully and wear make-up, wigs, dresses, sexy undies and ALL things feminine.

I have come to enjoy companionship of many kinds and am always careful about the quality and sincerity of my friends. I have done much from dating men and women to living many of my erotic fantasies. My life story is being written - if you may find it interesting! Iam very lucky, a hard worker at looking as good as I can and I enjoy meeting quality people who are bright, can converse, have a sense of humor and who enjoy a "girl" who is not really "all" girl.  I am expanding my new site and welcme your feedback!

My e-mail is carichristi1@gmail.com.

Love, Cari Christi
I hide my malehood for the full fem effect!
I am a prroud member of the world's transgender community and have been voted T-Girl of the year twice by the world wide Transgender Community!
I love modeling, nightclubs, travel, quality people, and I've even acted in a few "personal" xxx videos!
Transgender is a TRUE gift to me and I am as unique and as my own person as is every T-Girl in the world. My likes and loves are my own and my appreciation for being able to live as both male and female is beyond "huge!" To be a guy Friday night and a "girl" on Saturday night is unbelievably incredible. I know what it is like to be a woman and a man and I love BOTH! How much luckier could a boy-girl be? I am always honest with those I meet and am thankful for having some of the best friends and supporters any one could ever hope for. I also think that good luck comes from good effort and from good intensions!
I love to travel very much. I first explored my home town of Boston en-femme before finding the incredible Gender friendly cities of Montreal - Canada, London - England, Las Vegas - Nevada and Vancouver Canada. They are my favorites. I love talking to my "sisters" and love to offer and share advice on travel and findingthe right PLACES to be ourselves. I visted parliment in Ottawa Canada and met and had dinner with a high ranking government official. I've met many a guy and lady from mechanics to professional athletes. The best people always seem to be like me - just "ordinary" and down to earth - with a good sense of humor and a caring and loving heart! If you see me in a club or place don't be afraid to say hi! I find most all people interesting. I am also blessed to have lived more fantasies than most people dream of. I guess that I work hard at finding the "perfect" situations that me me and others I might meet happy!