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Cari is a 100% male crossdresser who loves the joy of dressing like a "real" sexy woman! Cari owns dozens of wigs & over one hundred dresses and high heels!
Cari's Site is for 18+ admirers of Transgendered "Gals" Only!
Naughty Bar Fly His Secretary! Not what you thought!
As his date Shameless Pleaser!
Spending the weekend as a girl is the driving force in my life. The joy and excitement of doing so is the most incredible experience in life. I go out to clubs, meet people, go out on dates as a "female" and if the right situation presents itself... well I can be quite naughty! I appreciate quality people and have a submissive side that brings out the true female in me. I love everything feminine and thank those who have helped me live my dreams and fantasies. My site tells all about my feminine side, wants and likes and more!
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His Girl
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A Naive Girl-Boy!
Being A Gal -
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Master's Maid -A Love Story
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Master is My Stallion!

A sexy little dress goes
a long way at age 17!
Am I a real Montreal Call Girl?
As "Cari", I love modeling, submissiverole fantasy / reality scenes and more. I have been a "real" French Maid in an English Estate, in Montreal and in Boston. I've been a publically collarred submissive in Canada and the USA and just a pretty "girl" in many a nightclub. I've been on some unforgettable dates with a few quality men and I just completely love "being a girl!" I am not a "pro" as I just love being a sensual T-Girl who enjoys living my feminine / transgender  side. I continue to seek to be prettier, a better friend and to explore the wonders of feminine sensuality. I enjoy the process of growing my insights and actions as a sensual erotic looking "gal"!
Being "Owned" (NEW)
Was I "Maid" to do Porn?
"Holiday" in Copenhagen!
Very X Rated!
Young in Toronto
A Quite Memorable Night!
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